Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday B

Happy Birthday B,
23 Years old today. I can't believe it. Your such a sweet man, yes man. Where in the world did the time go.

I remember having to leave you at the hospital, you were so jaundiced. Blue lights on your little body, 5lbs 13Oz's 16in long. Your were so tiny, and of course you didn't want to eat at all. All you wanted to do was sleep (some things never change) ;)

You always had the gift of gab, even at an early age. I loved to hear you try and talk yourself out trouble. You always tried very hard, and sometimes you succeeded in wearing me down. Your middle name should have been stubborn, because you sure were and still are even after 23 years.

Your independence amazed me, your favorite thing to say to me was "I can do it myself" no matter what it was. You were usually able to pull it off, your tenacity and love of life is still there, just changed slightly.

Your humour and quick wit, where in hell did it come from. I love seeing the sparkle in your brown eyes, just before your going to start something. Your infectious laugh when something strikes you funny.

Your face the first time that you saw George, what a ball of fluff he was. Seeing you give him a big hug and of course go ewww when he has drool hanging off his jowls. (yuck)

You have been going through a rough patch, handling the death of you brother, standing my me and dad. You have been my rock and sounding board on many occasions. Sometimes, i think i overburdened you , talking about the care and handling of your brother's cancer. You have no idea how much you have been able to stabilize me, after talking to you on different subjects, i needed to rethink certain things. Putting your life on hold to care and help your brother, staying in San Diego and taking him to chemo. Dealing with the difficulties with your sister in law.

I really admire the person that you become. You need to go back to school now and get your life back on track, it's your time.

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and tell you how proud of you I am.

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