Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another day

Just another day

Mother's Day and Father's Day has come and gone. One less phone call, one less cheerful greeting of hey mom or hey dad. Even though you don't relize how much that call meant to you. Most of the time my son was out to sea during those day's, but there was always a call when he got home. Of course my daughter in law called, which was sweet.

My younger son made things easier, going out to breakfast with us. Flowers for mother's day gift certificate for Father's day. He is just so sweet (but, don't tell him i said that). Keeping busy and your mind occupied is helpful. My hubby can't sit still, actually never has been able to. Since our son passed away it has been worse. Of course I understand this, sitting home and glancing over to the corner of the living room and you get flashbacks and picture a hospital bed in the corner. No matter what you do to change the room it still there. I guess it always will be.

You can change the color of the room and the carpeting, but it doesn't change the past. We have tried to make the room look different, which it does. It just change the fact that this is where he was and passed away.

You'll b sitting there reading and watching TV and suddenly you'll just glance at that area and almost just almost see him in the hospital bed. Flashbacks suck, you can relive an entire portion of life in just a few seconds. I shouldn't say that all flashback are bad there are a few that actually make you smile.

Remebering the good times are the best apart, which is the only way to continue.

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