Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I love my Hubby, I really do. It's just after three whole days together I need my space. It's different when we go away on vacation, but doing yard work and misc. clean up around the house. UGH is all I can say. By day three the snide remarks were getting louder and louder.

What was that look for my hubby asks, what look I ask back. He said the look that you just gave me when i asked you a question. Oh, you mean the question that I already answered three times! We put new porch rails up around the front porch. Of course we wouldn't need new porch rails if someone didn't have a temper tantrum and break one side off. Hmmm, I wonder who could have done that. It wasn't me that's for sure.

We had to lag in bolts to the cement porch, lag in bolts WTF. Drill four holes into the porch for the post (don't want anyone to fall off ) snicker, snicker. So hubby drills the holes and I tried, really I tried to tell him that hole #4 wasn't lining up. He gave me the look, and said it's fine. Okay, finished drilling and guess what THE FOURTH HOLE DOES NOT LINE UP!!!. Oh, it's okay we'll just lag in 3 and fill the other one. HUH! Isn't there a reason for four holes?

Then he gets a call from his boss. Road call, someone is broken down. So the porch is put on hold, thankfully. Than of course hubby asks "you feel like taking a ride"? Sure why not, I'll just grab a book and while he's busy I'll read. Off we go to Linden to repair a truck, he's repairing I'm chilling. He finishes up and than says, why did you talk to the truck driver, i didn't want anyone to know that you were in the truck. Okay let's go back to WTF, than why ask me to go for a ride????

Needless to say the porch rail is finished and looks great. Hubby is still living and I'm not in jail.

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Catutes said...

marital bliss. that's all I have to say. Blissfully not killing them when they so deserve it.