Monday, January 4, 2010

Empty Nest Syndrome?

Empty Nest Syndrome, I think not. I dearly love my youngest son, his humor, compassionate nature, his soulful brown eyes and his quick wit. He is off to Omaha, Nebraska tonight. Yes, I will miss him dreadfully, but this will be the best thing for him.

It's time for B to start his life now. He had to put his life on hold for a time, which he did without any hesitation. He had the strength to help his brother through chemo treatments and watch the decline of his brother who passed almost two years ago from cancer.

B has the strength within to make his life in a new place, I only wish him the best. He needs to be able to restart what he begun a few years ago, his intelligence is amazing. He has always been able to debate anything, and I mean ANYTHING. From what time he needed to go to bed, or whether or not he had to have another snack before bedtime (needed for a growing boy).

His growth and compassion overwhelm me at times. He is a very strong willed individual and stubborn as a mule. He might have lost his way for a time, in fact I think we all have. Deep down I know that this will be the right move for him.

I give him credit for being able to make this decision and stand by it. It isn't a easy feat to move to another state just knowing a few people and what kind of employment there is out there. B is going to land on his feet.

Sometimes I feel that I have put extra weight on this son of mine. He was able to listen to me vent, was there for me when I thought I wounldn"t be able to take much more grief. I would have liked for him to grow into a man with a little less knowledge of grief. I love him and am so proud that he is able to make such bold decision. He goes with all of my love and all of my hope and dreams for him to make this a special time in his life.

I love you sweetie, my tears are proud tears and some sad ones too. Just know that I am standing here knowing that you will succeed in whatever endeavor you choose. No matter what the future holds for you, you will be in my heart.

Good luck and drive extra careful.

Please whatever you do don't bring home any blonde's ;)
Love always Mom

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Catootes said...

don't make me cry. It makes my face all blotchy.