Monday, January 9, 2012

Joined the gym, (HAHAHAHA)

So the New Year has started and the weight has piled on, of course eating hasn't helped any with the weight gain. So we joined the gym, let me rephrase that we joined the gym, hahahaha. This is going to be very interesting, my hubby and I aren't all that active in the exercise department. We have both gained ALOT of weight over the last few years. Having the good ole muffin top sprouting out of the top of my pants isn't all that attractive. I am at my heaviest right now and not all that happy about it. Going up another size in pants is not an option right now, actually it's not an option at all. Been there and done that several sizes ago. So tonight is the official weigh in and talk to a trainer to see what I need to do to get a little healthier. He asked yesterday what my main goal was and I said to try and get to the gym for at least 1 month, funny he actually groaned. Hubby seems to be on the band wagon, we shall see what he says when there are no more chocolate chip cookies and swedish fish left in the house. I know that we both need to get healthier, of course history of high blood pressure and heart disease runs rampant in hubby's family. I think more insanity runs much more rampant in my family. So wish me some luck for a healthy and thinner New Year.

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Catootes said...

Good luck!! Have fun and loose some of my muffin top while your sweating it out in the gym too, 'kay?
Hey, I've seen you when you're committed to something. This will be a cinch for you.