Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Can someone please tell me why school buses have to stop in front of a child's house with their red lights flashing and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait again. Is it just me or what? Truthfully, my kids had a bus stop to go to at a certain time. I understand that some of the kids are young, but I also need to get to work and not be delayed by 10-15 minutes waiting for the bus to go from one house to another block by block. To answer your question, yes I leave in plenty of time to get to work, if I didn't have to wait so long for the school buses. Have your kids ready to get on the bus before it gets there. No you really don't need to talk to the bus driver for a few minutes before the lovely bus driver goes to house a few yards down the road. Yes, today it was me beeping and waving my hands, pointing at my watch saying enough is enough. I have been dealing with you since September, can you just kindly please pull over to the curb if you're going to wait indefinitely for one of our future politicians. I understand that kids dilly dally all the time and get engrossed in either TV, games, or what to wear and what to eat for breakfast. I have been there and done that, wake your little darlings up a few minutes earlier and keep the TV and games OFF. It actually gets to the point that there are a few cars behind and also a few behind the school bus, turn your flashers off and let us go by. I never ever, let me repeat NEVER EVER came out of the house in my bathrobe to either pick up my kids or even drop them off at school. I really don't care what you look like in your PJ's just throw on a pair of sweats and get you little darling out to the bus stop on time. I believe that this is just common decency, don't you?

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