Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Morning Kisses

Let me tell you, there is nothing more slobbery than a good morning kiss from George. George weighs about 135lbs and thinks he rules the roosts.

Actually he really does, he loves to sit on the couch (and i mean actually sit) back legs and but on the couch, front paws on the floor. I adore this dog. He has been with the family for almost 4 years now.

Our last dog had cancer and after he left us the house was so quiet and lonely. Enter a fluffy, fuzzy 3 month old St. Bernard. We feel in love at first sight! The name George came from my hubby, for some reason he thought he looked like a George (no offense to any George out there). On our first trip to Petsmart we took George with us and let me tell you it was a very long time spent in the store. We had to set him up for puppy school (he passed 2 courses and flunked out of the third) the word sit just didn't inspire him that much. Everyone need to pet and cuddle him throughout the store.

But, seriously though, being woken up in the morning by a big wet slobbery kiss is not always appreciated. Just ask my hubby as he starts groaning and wiping his face. How can anyone resist a face like?


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donnascand said...

He is just the best, thanks