Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lazy day

Too early in the morning to really do anything except stretch out and enjoy a second cup of coffee. That's how i feel right now. Knowing that the day is looming before me, and the many things that need to be done.

Right now my mind is at ease with remembrance of the happy days that have passed. Of course, once you start remembering the happy times, you also remember the bitter days that have followed.

My morning are the worst and best of times. Having lost a son to cancer over a year ago is what prompted me to begin a blog. Sometimes it is easier to write about what i am feeling than talking about it. Sitting in my quiet corner of the couch in the living room and looking over to where the hospital bed stood for a few months and seeing an impish grin on my sons face was a treasure and the remembrance is a torture. He was too young to die, his life still full ahead of him. My head is in a tangle and my heart is torn. These are my mornings and why i don't linger with my cup of coffee.

These are my thoughts on a daily bases. I hear as time goes on, your sure to heal, or it will get easier. All i can say is hmmm.

Well now that i have posted my thoughts and reclaimed a small portion of my sanity I will continue on with my day.

Not all of my posts will be so depressing, most will weird or upbeat and some will be totally pissed off. i do tend to speak out at times (just ask my sister).

It's time for cleaning and getting my monster of a dog off my bed long enough to make it.

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