Monday, July 20, 2009

Just awesome

Saturday was just a typical day of chores and trying to keep up with housework. Housework lost big time this weekend. Hubby and I went to Walmart to get the dog some treats, my phone rang and it's my sister. I love hearing from my sister, except now I worry because her hubby is having back surgery this Wednesday. I just get concerned, hoping all is good.

Hello I said, after a brief hi what's new and so on. Next question do you want to go see Paul McCartney in concert tonight? What was that? Let me ask hubby, of course the answer is YES. When does it start? 6:30 tonight and it's 3pm now. Have to get said tickets go home change and catch the train into the city, it's doable.

We made it to Citifield by 7:30pm and the opening act was still going strong. We didn't miss anything. So now Hubby is starving we haven't had anything to eat yet. There really isn't much to eat there beside sausages, hot dogs and hamburgers. Not really my kind of food, hubby got a hot dog and soda. I ended up with Nathan Fries and really wanted the cheese to go over them, but I resisted. (cruise next month).

Paul McCartney was excellent, he rocked Citifield. I was totally amazed, of course we didn't stay in our seats. We wandered down to the main level and stood behind the rail and had an awesome time. Tribute to Linda made everyone cry, he sang "My Love". A mention and songs to John Lennon and to George Harrison, it was wonderful. I can't believe how great he is. The stage show was great, the pyro-technics were excellent. He is a crowd pleaser. At one time is was talking about singing and looking at the signs in the audience, and how sometimes you end up singing what's on the sign.

On of the signs were "Paul marry me" his comments was NO thank you, not again. He interacted with the audience with pleasure and humor. I loved the faces he made and his references to his other concerts, especially when they first played in America and couldn't hear their own music over the girls screaming. Of course, how much he loved the girls screaming which starting the audience screaming.

The music was so good and so loud by the end your ears were ringing and your feet were still tapping. The next best part of the concert was people watching. All I can say is OH MY GOD, do people have magic mirrors or what. Does anyone look into a full length mirror? In a way I'm glad they don't, because i had a lot of entertaining moments.

The guard that stands in front of the steps to show you your lower levels seat was a lot of fun. He was in his mid sixties with white hair, slightly balding and a belly. He was singing away and swaying to the music, but let me tell you. He was really checking out the woman, laugh you ass of funny. As they would run up the stairs for either a beer run and bathroom break, he would be right there ogling. I mean I was dying. The guy had no problem looking, he really didn't care. He actually did the Groucho thing with his eyebrows a few times. Absolutely hilarious.

Some of these ladies (well maybe i shouldn't say ladies), but come on. If you can't contain your breasts in your sundress maybe you need a larger size. If your tank top ends up in your cleavage, it's time to retire it and get a larger size. There was enough silicone out there to float a cruise ship. I think silicone floats, based on the the bouncing boobs out there.

I had the best time, so thanks again Tracey and Brian. I love you much

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