Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shiney Sliver bag in the back of the closet

Shiney Sliver bag in the back of the closet.

There it sat undisturbed for many years, no looking at it, or rummaging around inside of it. The shiney silver bag in the back of the closet.

As I was looking for one of my shoes in the bottom of my closet the other, i spotted a shiney silver bag tucked way in the back. I couldn't figure out what I put into the bag. I wasn't going to look or even think about it. I would be late for work (again). It took me a few minutes of pulling out pockets books, shoes, wrapping paper, and other misc. items before I found the shoe I was looking for. I was trying to stuff everything back into my closet and I mean stuff, I had that thought what in the world is in that bag. I don't remember putting in my closet.

Resigned to the fact that I would be late to work again, i pulled everything out that i just stuffed back into my closet. Pulled the bag out and of course it ripped down the side. The first thing that came out was a miniture autographed hockey stick with about five names on it from the Washington Capitals. I remember when that happened, at a hockey tournament with the boys, they were playing at the same arena that the Capitols were practising at. I smiled as I thought about the awe in their eyes at seeing these players right there in front of them. "Hey dad did you get a look at the size of that guy" What a great memory.

OH my god look at these tiny little eye covers. B had jaunance so bad that he was under the blue lights for days. He weighed in a 5lbs, 13ozs, so tiny. His eyes needed to be covered under the lights. Rememering that I had to leave him in the hospital for two additional days. Could only go in and feed him, then back under the lights. Wow, things you almost forget.

Wrist bands for me and my 1st baby boy, i sat there and cried like a baby. Little bands that were around his foot. Okay maybe not too little. J weighed in at 9lbs, 12ozs. I just stroked them and remembered him as an infant.

My very first Mothers day card, or should I say Mother to be card. I can't believe it survived, but i'm very glad that it did.

Two measuring tapes, one for each boy from the hospital. It might have had the markings on it at on time. I remember asking the nurse for it right after they were measured. It was funny seeing the look on their faces, it just a measuring tape. I know that, but it just measured my son. I can't believe that I have both of them.

Two baggies, baby teeth wrapped in tissue. The same way we wrapped them and put them under their pillows for the tooth fairy. Yes, i did forget at least once to remove the tooth and leave money. I was albe to make the switch as they were looking under the bed, you know that tooth fairy might be very tired and left it under the bed!

I was wonderful to find all those memories, some were bittersweet. I really felt like I had a whole in my heart after looking at everything. I enjoyed my time with my memories and replaced everything minus the shiney silver bag.

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Catutes said...

Ah but those memories also hold fast to love.