Friday, July 10, 2009

Not a personal preference

Okay people listen up, it's not personal preference to bathe or not too bathe. I'm down wind of you. Give me a fucking break. When your eyes start to water and you have to cover you mouth and nose with your short sleeves, something is seriously wrong. I know that there are medical conditions that cause some body orders and of course elderly do have some problems with hygiene (falling in the shower). Younger people should not smell so fowl.

At the store the other day i was behind or down wind of a person who seriously needed a hose down. Economy is not the blame for people showering, or even trying to wash with a face cloth. When your hair is matted, and your clothes need to be scraped before washing you have a problem. Okay, so I have heard all the common threads from depression, can't afford new clothes, homeless and ever thing else. Yes, i do sympathize with some of these people, but my nose and stomach can only take so much.

So, yes the person that gave you a dirty look and waved her hand in front of her face several times was ME. Was I rude DAMN STRAIGHT, I don't want to be behind you in a food store buying makings for dinner. Put down the candy and doughnuts and purchase a bar of SOAP, I'll even pay for it. I really don't care what you eat or how you dress, but when you put out that strong of an odor and I'm behind you, watch out for the rude comments. I don't care if I hurt your feelings, you are destroying my personal space, disrupting my air with your foul stench.

So please, be considerate of others that are around you. It only takes a very short amount of your precious time to wash, bathe, jump in the ocean, run through the sprinkler, or any thing else that will take away some of the decaying aroma that surrounds you..........

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Catutes said...

eeewww. stinky people