Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I need to voice my congrats to my local family politician. My sister won a seat on the Board of Education. I cannot express how proud i am of her. What a great job. She is a wife, a wonderful, thoughtful mom and my best friend. She juggles her life with grace and dignity.

She amazes me routinely. I love talking to her, her insight into life and opinions. We don't always agree on everything (but what sisters do). I respect her opinions and value her friendship. Without her I might be one of those people sitting in the corner drooling.

She has helped me through the most difficult time in my life. Kept me sane and functioning. I'm not sure if i ever took the time to tell her how much she has meant to me, my hubby or my son. I love the relationship that she has with her kids and her husband.

Of course growing up with a little sister isn't always easy. She would always "touch my stuff" how irritating that used to be. She even stole my Nora Roberts books (thief). Babysitting wasn't something that i looked forward too. Here was this exotic looking little person, olive toned skin, straight dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes (with eyelashes that you could actually see). Me, i had very curly frizzy reddish hair, freckled complexion, the complete opposite.

Her favorite thing to say to get me annoyed was "i can do that better than you can". Drove me crazy, so of course i needed to prove her wrong. But, remember that i can say anything to her, but NOBODY better say anything bad about my sister. Hey i was the older sister after all.

As we grew older, and dealt with the sickness of our parents, dealing with a daughter in law and the death of my oldest son. Her compassion, insight and the fact that she just let me vent was just what i needed. So here's to you sis, hats off, and good luck.

I love you and respect you. Just remember that I'm always here if you need anything at all.

The baby in the family, spoiled rotten (still is)! She has grown into a beautiful person, mind, body and soul.

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Catutes said...

aaahhh, don't make me cry.
I love you and you are the best sister ever!