Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scammed Part 2

Okay, so I wrote about being scammed. I decided to vent my anger by writing to the so called publishing company and Cc-ing their attorney, also the Post Master General. I used words like false advertising, mail fraud, Federal offense, scamming innocent people. You get the messages.

I received a letter back the other day from the publishing company assuring me that they are a legit company. Breaking down dates as to when the "winnners" will be announced, when thir book will be published and so on (no mention of why i put a stop paymenton my check). Hoping that they have answered all my questions and alievated my fears. Of course there was a ps at the bottom of the letter telling me how much they really liked my poem. That it touched them deeply.

I really have to give it to them, i'm waiting for my list of winners. I really guess it's going to be a wait and see situation. I waiting ti see if i'll hear anything from the Post Master general or their attorneys. I really don't think i will, but rest assured this isn't over yet.

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Catutes said...

go kick their ass!!