Monday, April 13, 2009

The weekend is over!

Three day weekends are nice to have, however I'm glad this one is over. The holidays are not my favorites at the moment. I remember coloring Easter eggs with my boys, what s mess. They enjoyed it immensely, they each took great delight in trying to mess up each others eggs by switching the colors. I had no desire to color eggs this year, out of shear cowardice i decided not too color eggs and bring back memories. Even though the memories are wonderful of my two mischief makers. My hubby was against the idea and really wanted to color eggs. I gave him the option of doing the coloring himself or not doing them at all (i know bitch reared it ugly head). Just to let you know there was NO egg coloring at the house this year.

Otherwise it was an okay day, i cooked meatballs and sausage with a big batch of sauce with spaghetti. Yum it was good. Everyone came over, which helped pass the day along. My younger son B had a good day, ate and then promptly went out. Of course i had to wake him up nice and early, not my problem that he came home early in the morning. hehe Love you B.

Easter baskets were a hit however, even the dog got his treats. I talked to my daughter in law on Saturday and she received her box with the the necessary egg coloring items. It seems there really isn't much of that stuff in Japan, This will be my granddaughters first time coloring Easter eggs (wish i could have seen that). I will be sending out their baskets this week. I know it's easy enough to make them. It's just the fact that I'm missing the one person that loves getting them.

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