Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter baskets

You would think that making Easter baskets would be simple, let me say that again you would think that making Easter baskets would be simple. Not so in my house. I need to make 4 Easter baskets to send out to Japan. Yes, i know that they don't celebrate the Easter holiday in Japan. But, I still need to make baskets and send them out. My daughter-in-law never had an Easter basket before, so this started the tradition a few years ago. My son shared the one that we sent to his ship with her. My grandson received his first Easter basket when he was three, and enjoyed it immensely. Of course, my son commented about the sugar high he was riding on for a few days. This made me smile and think of when he was little and his grandparents did the same thing. Now of course with my granddaughter being almost 3 and LOVES candy. Of course there is other goodies in there too, clothes and some toys.

Now my younger son, likes his tradition and likes his Easter basket. Bunny, jelly beans and the works. Of course we always try to put a little something extra in there. Sports tickets or whatever i happen to hear him talking about. Which is always gets a good response from him. But, if you forget something that is always in the basket he lets you know about it.

My sister-in-law is another matter, she gives up chocolate for lent. So i try to make sure that she has a chocolate fix and a little something extra. Then there is my nephew, which my hubby insists on making just one extra basket for. Not that i mind, because once your on a roll it really doesn't matter.

So far the count is 4 baskets to Japan, 3 baskets for at home.

And of course i have taste everything that goes into the basket, a few jelly beans, peeps, chocolate eggs. Hey I'm making them i need to taste them!

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