Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi Babe

Hi Babe, it's a phrase that i loved hearing. As my dad slowly made his way in the door. His cane in one hand and usually something good to eat in the other. Dad, you really didn't have to bring anything with you. His comment as always "i know i didn't have too but i wanted too". Anyway i really wanted a piece of this cheesecake.

I miss hearing dad's deep voice calling as he walked into the house, or when he reached home after being at either our house or my sisters for awhile. His hat perched ever so jauntily on his head. The twinkle in his eyes when he teased me about how I BBQ. You know your sister does this much better than you do....yeah I know that but she can't make sauce from scratch, so we're even. A big smile on his face.

He adored our dogs, my sisters and mine. He loved to scratch behind their ears, and play with them. Dad always liked dogs, not being able to have one of his own he sort of adopted ours. Between me and my sister I'm sure that we tended to be slightly overprotective (okay dad a lot overprotective) always calling to see if he ate, did he need anything. His response was almost always the same "I'm fine babe, just a little tired".

As, dad's treatments for cancer progressed he was often more tired. I would have loved for him to be able to come and stay in my extra bedroom. But, he wouldn't have it. He needed his own apartment.

Dad's passing was quick, he was in the hospital with his family around him. He just wanted to get comfortable and roll over on his side. And as he did just that he just passed quietly and quickly. I miss my dad on a daily basis, on one thing I'm sure he's up there with my son. He is also commenting on who cooks the best me or my sister. I'll give my sister the best BBQ and i still make the best sauce.


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